How to solve uneven cake thickness of a plate filter press

- Dec 29, 2018-

For a plate filter press, cakes unevenness some times become a regular problem while working.  For such phenomenon, it normally happens for the materials, which is easy to be filtered. So what's the reasons and how to solve it?

For some slurry, such as, carbide slag, fine chemicals (aluminium hydroxide etc.), their density is big and easy to deposit. Normally the plate filter can has a very good filtering performance. However, when the material capacity is not enough or the solid content is low, then the bottom cake will precipitate very fast and became hard. Thus the cake thickness will be not even as expected. Beside that, normally we also required the customer mix the material before pumping into the machine. 

Once the cakes are not even, it will cause bias pressure, then will deform the pp filter plates. In the long run, the plates will be damaged. In addition, it also will damage the filter clothes. Once such problems happens, we should solve if by following points: 1. add a mixing tank before pumping. 2.change the plates. 3.change the filter clothes. If you want to know specific solutions, please contact us. 

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