Plate Filter Press And Bag Filter Difference

- Sep 11, 2017-

The plate filter press and the bag filter are dewatering equipment. But they have different structure and the different suitable applications. So what is the filter press? What is the bag filter? And what are the differences?

China bag filter.jpg

For the plate filter press, the main structure is filter frame, filter press plate, closing system, electric control system etc. For the operation, the filter plates are pressed by closing devices and form the filter chamber to separate the liquid and solid via filter press pump. And it has widely application, such as: coal washing, mining, alcohol, petroleum, dyestuff, metallurgy, medicine, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff, paper-making and wastewater treatment etc.

For the bag filter, the filter medium is filter bag, which is supported by the stainless steel mesh inside. The liquid flows into the chamber via inlet, and go through the filter bag. The solid will be blocked into the filter bag, so the filter bag will be washed and changed frequently. For the application, it only suitable for the materials, which has big flow, small solid content and hard solid etc, such as: chemicals, pharmacy etc. The above are the difference of China filter press and the bag filter. If you want to know more info, pls contact us.

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