Plate filter press buying guide

- Dec 24, 2017-

Side beam filter press is most popular filter press machine. It’s different with vertical filter presses and top beam filter presses. Side-bar filter press is the traditional filter press type. How to buy a suitable plate filter press?

To recommend a best filter press, it firstly should consider every points on your individual materials, because it has very wide application. According different liquid, slurry, the filter press calculation will be greatly different. For example, if your material is very high temperature, say, more than 120℃, that might consider the high temperature filter plates, such as: cast iron filter press. If your material is very viscous, the filter press type will consider membrane filter press as first choice. Additionally, it also has many other factors should be taken into account. More info on how to buy a filter press, pls contact us.

Then automation and flexible function are the second step to choose a good filter press. This step is recommended on base of your budget and your technical requirements. Take an example: if your budget is enough, you can consider automatic chamber filter press. However, if it’s limited, you can consider the hydraulic filter press. Pls tell us more info on your materials and requirements, so that we can give you comprehensive solution. 

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