Plate filter press cabinet classification

- Sep 20, 2017-

The electric control cabinet is important part for the plate filter press. The quality directly affluence the performance stability of the filter press. Here are various cabinets according to different usage and demand.

China Filter Press Cabinet.jpg

Generally, according to the function, it’s divided into manual cabinet for hydraulic filter press, automatic cabinet for automatic filter press, and the fully automatic cabinet etc. For the hydraulic cabinet, it can control closing, open and stop of filter press plate, so it’s mainly suitable for electrical manual hydraulic filter press. For the automatic filter press, the cabinet adds the automatic cakes discharging function. For the fully automatic electric control cabinet, it’s most advanced. It also can control filter press cloth washing, drip tray, belt conveyor etc. On the other hand, the automatic electric control cabinet and the fully automatic electric control cabinet can realize remote control.

According to the materials, the electric control cabinet includes stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron etc. According to explosion protection grade, we can supply normal cabinet and the explosion-proof cabinet. Normally the explosion-proof cabinet is used for special materials: alcohol, chemicals, oil etc... If want to know more info on filter press types, pls contact us.

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