Plate filter press for construction sludge

- Jul 31, 2020-

According to statistics, every year China's building area reaches to about 2 billion square meters. This account for 40% of the global cement and steel consumption. At the same time, you may do not know, millions tons of building waste are produced.  

The increasing construction sludge is hampering the Chinese urbanization development. Now many construction waste, even did not treated, will be directly abandoned in suburb or dumped into landfill. This not only occupies a lot of land, but also causes serious environmental pollution. However,in many developed countries, such waste is regarded as a good resource to be reused. 

The utilization of construction waste can turn it into green building materials. However, currently, it's recovery rate in China is less than 5%. If it can be converted into ecological building materials, then the market prospects will be huge. To dispose the solid waste, normally it will be crushed, then washed by water to remove dust. Finally, the construction sludge will be dewatered by plate filter press. After that, the dry mud cakes can be further porcessed as building materials for many usages, such as: bricks, aggregates, concrete, road etc... By this process, the utilization rate can reach to 95% or higher. 

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