Plate filter press for gelatin manufacturer

- Dec 01, 2018-

Gelatin comes from degraded collagen, which is made from connective tissues of animals, such as, animal skin, bones, sarcolemma etc.. So it also called animal gelatin. It is soluble in hot water and is a low-calorie healthy food with high nutritional value. It can be widely used to make food additives. In addition, gelatin is popularly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In China, animal bones is most popular as raw material. 

How to produce gelatin? The whole main steps include: Animal bones - Select - Crush - Wash - Pickling - Degrease - Liming - Washing & Neutralization - Extracting - Filter - Evaporation - Cold bed drying - High temperature drying - Crush - Inspection - Mixing - Package. For the bones, while selection, it should be classified according to the size and original body part. Because for bones comes from different body part, their processes will be a little different. After crush and picking, the raw material will be degreased. In the past, it's using solvent to extract, but now water method is more popular. 

Finally gelatin was extracted, then will be filtered. Here will use plate filter press to remove the impurities, so that improve the quality. Traditionally, they use cotton cake filter press. In they end, it will be dehydrated and packing. If want to know more details, please contact us. 

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