Plate Filter Press Operating Attentions

- Sep 03, 2017-

The plate filter press is the popular dewatering equipment, and it’s widely used for various industries. So we should right use it to get the best filtering effect and increase the life-span. The follow is the attentions for the filter press operation.

1.While operating, pls pay attention to pp filter plate. If find the problem, pls solve it as soon as possible. Such as: broken, blocking etc.
2.While feeding, if spray materials, pls stop the pneumatic membrane pump, and open the filter press to maintain.
3.After every cycle, wash the filter press clothes to ensure the filter press cloth is clean. And before the operation, pls check the filter press clothes is not broken and no solid on them.
4.For membrane filter press, if the filter chamber is hollow, it forbid squeezing to avoid the membrane filter plates break. On the other hand, the chamber plate and the membrane plate is putted in order.
5.Pls maintain the filter press regularly. And add the oil on the chain, chain wheel, bearing and the rolling wheel etc. And ensure the active parts are not loose.

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