Alunorte can continuously use plate filter press for red mud

- Oct 22, 2018-

Background 1: From February 16 to 17, the city of Barcarena, including the Alunorte alumina refinery, suffered a heavy rainfall, which caused flood in the area. Then the company's internal and external investigations confirmed that there was no harmful material leaked. However, from March, Alunorte cut their producing capacity to 50% under the requirement of local Brazil government.    

Background 2: While Chinese National Holidays, the biggest alumina refinery manufacturer, Alunorte, announced that their Brazil company will stop producing. As the local government forbidden them to use the new bauxite tailings zone (DRS2). 

As we know, plate filter presses are the most modern and best technology for bauxite tailings, because it can greatly reduce the storage area and protect environment. So Alunorte has been striving for the authorities to approve this advanced slurry dewatering technology, so that hope continuously producing. The good news is that, Hydro Aluminium, announced on October 6 that, on October 5, the IBAMA (Brazilian Federal Environmental Agency) approved them to use latest filter press technology to process bauxite residues. Thus it will extend the life of the bauxite red mud yard and put them back to normal operation.

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