Plate filter press used for domestic sludge

- Feb 28, 2019-

Now in China, every city's domestic wastewater will be collected to sewage treatment plant. Then the EPT will undertake the task of biosafety disposal. After dewatering, solid and water will be completely separated. On one hand, the clear water will be recycled or flow directly into rivers. On the other hand, the dry sludge cakes will be further processed for other uses or moved to landfill. 

Now the advanced technology can turns the sludge to useful manure. Concretely speaking, the deposited municipal sludge, after chemical or biological treatment, will be pumped into the plate filter press. When out, it changed to dry cakes. Then cakes will mix with appropriate amount of ingredient and thermophilic bacteria. After that, under high temperature, the solids will be processed by fermentation and sterilization.  Now it turns to nutrient soil. Finally, the soil will add nutrient elements, such as, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc., and form fertilizer.  

By this technology (filter press dewatering + fermentation + utilization), it not only can protect the environment, but also can make some contribution for agriculture. So it's worthy for promotion widely.  

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