What is plate frame filter press?

- Jun 23, 2017-

The plate frame filter press here refers to the plate & frame type filter press. Their filtering chamber is formed by the filter plate and frame. This filter press type is the original type for filter presses.

Filter Press Plate.jpg

While filter pres application, the filter plates and filter frames are putted in order and closed by closing system to form filtering chambers. The filter plates will be covered by filter clothes. Then materials are pumped into filter press. Under the pressure, the filtrate is discharged out of the machine, and the solids are trapped to became filter cakes. After the cakes are filled in the filter chamber, the filter press pump stop and the filtration process finish, then open the filter plates to discharge cakes.

Filter Plate.jpg

The plate frame filter press now is mainly suitable for fine chemicals, because it can realize ultrafiltration by adding filter papers. Plate frame filter press generally, the filtering pressure is 0.3~0.6MPa, and it adopts manual discharging, so we don’t recommend big size for plate frame filter press. If want to buy filter press, pls contact us for more info.

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