How to well maintain plate frame filter press?

- Jan 10, 2018-

Plate frame filter press has very good dewatering performance in waste water treatment. If maintain it well, the plate frame filter press can serves much longer and can keep a good conditions. Here we give following suggestions while using plate filter press.  

1. If the plate frame filter press do not use for long time, pls clean the filter press plate and filter press clothes and external surface, so that can remove the odour, especially for biological sludge and digested sludge. If the solids are dried, then it will difficult to clean. 2. While plate filter press working, pls pay attention on the filtrate, once it’s dirty, pls close the faucets or change the filter cloth. 3.To avoid accident, please regularly check following parts on the plate frame filter press: the hydraulic system (oil, cylinder pressure, magnetic valves etc.), bears and so on. 4.While plate frame filter press operation, pls inspect the spare parts often. If any abrasion or broken, pls replace or repair. If you want to know maintenance knowledge on plate filter press, pls contact freely.

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