Filtration discharging relationship of plate frame filter press

- Mar 04, 2018-

If you never used plate frame filter press, you might think the inlet flow capacity will be basically same as the outlet filtrate capacity. And even the flow speed for the plate frame filter press will be same. Actually it's far away of that. For a plate filter, this is a very complicated technical issue. 

China Plate Frame Filter Press.jpg

In fact, the main factor affects plate frame filter press performance is the solid property, for example, the nature of paper wastewater must is totally different with stone cutting waste water. Why? Because one is soft fiber, one is hard stone particles. Normally the soft solid will be more difficult to be dewatered and the flow capacity and speed will be much lower.  

Beside that, there are several objective factors plays important roles for plate filter press. We know, for a plate frame filter, the filter press chamber is used for solid storage. If the filtering chamber is too small, the liquid can not discharge efficiently; if the chamber volume is too big, the plate filter filtering time will much longer and increase the cost. Additionally, the filter cloth's air permeability, filtering agent etc., all will influence this. Pls contact us for more experience on China plate frame filter press.   

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