Plate Frame Filter press installation and commissioning steps

- Jun 08, 2018-

For plate frame filter press, specially for the big automatic filter presses, it has strict requirements on installation and commissioning, so that ensure pp filter press working smoothly. The installation mainly is to check the filter press foundation and working environment. Commissioning focus on the electrical parts. 

For mall manual filter press, it can just put on the ground. However, for the huge automatic filter press, while installation, we must make a good foundation. Regarding filter press foundation, basically has two types, concrete foundation or steel foundation. The first is most popular. While building the foundations of a plate frame filter press, it not only ensure level, but also must left about 1 meter around the plate frame filter press machine for operators. Further, the foundations at the feeding side must be fixed by bolts or welding, however, for foundations at cylinder side must keep movable. If you want know why pls contact us. 

Then check every parts of plate frame filter press. Check every bolts are fixed; filter plates are in right order; cloth is correctly installed; there has enough space for the flexible devices of the plate frame filter press, such as: belt conveyor, drip tray, filter cloth washing system etc...

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