The usage and cautions of the plate frame filter press

- Aug 27, 2018-

Many customers, after buying plate frame filter press, do not know how to use and operate. Especially for some small filter press manufacturers, their manual even are wrong, so the customers are much more confusing. So here we simply introduce the usage and cautions of a plate filter press. 


1.Install the plate filter press according to the drawing. Pls must ensure the both feet at tail plate side are fixed by bolts or welding. And another two feet are movable. 2. Connect the filter press pipe, then plug the wires. Now filter press manufacturer has better service, and normally it's very easy to connect wires buy plug. And the customer just connect with external power will be ok. 3. Operate the plate frame filter press according to the operation manual. 4. Pay attention to the regular maintenance, such as: cleaning the filter cloth, replacing the hydraulic oil, so that avoid serious problems and ensure smooth running.


Popularly the customer should pay attention on following point while filter press operation. 1. The feed pressure must complies with designing value and can not over the rated feed pressure, otherwise might cause plates break. 2. Keep off the rain and exposure outdoor. 3. For special materials, such as: flammable materials, the plate frame filter press machine must be completely explosion-proof designed. Similarly, for high temperature materials, the operation pls keep off the both side to avoid accident. 5. It is forbidden to stand in front of the cylinder. If you want to buy China plate frame filter press, pls contact us. 

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