Plate frame filter press for thermal hydrolysis - anaerobic digestion sludge

- Sep 06, 2018-

The thermal hydrolysis-anaerobic digestion sewage treatment system mainly includes following parts: receiving system, thermal hydrolysis system, anaerobic digestion system, and a plate and frame filter press. Through the treatment, it can realize aims of sludge stability, reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization. After the membrane filter press, finally can make sludge moisture be around 40%. And the final sludge can used for gardens, woodlands etc.

The working process of the membrane filter press has 3 steps, namely,  feeding-squeezing-discharging. Firstly, the wastewater is pumped into the plate frame filter press through a low-pressure feed pump. When the feed pressure is stabilized at about 0.6 MPa, the feed is fed through the high-pressure mud pump. Then use compressed air or high pressure to squeeze cakes under 1.2 MPa or higher. Finally, discharge mud cakes from the plate frame filter press. Before that, the compressed air will be released or the press water is returned to the water tank. If has more flexible devices, before discharging, the drip tray will open, then filter cakes in the chamber are dropped onto the belt conveyor, and finally transport to other place by trucks.

After the plate frame filter press working for a long period, some solid particles will block in the pores of filter clothes, thus it will affect the filtration effect. At this time, the cloth washing system is started to clean the filter cloth. While working, the washing waste water is caught by the drip tray, and will be collected into the water channels on both sides.

Thermal hydrolysis -- anaerobic digestion -- membrane filter press technology  meets China's energy conservation and clean energy development strategy. If you need plate frame filter press for such project, pls contact us for specifications and price. 

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