Plate frame filter press for building waste water treatment

- Nov 21, 2018-

While building, there will produce lots of waste water. Then depends on the high efficient solid liquid separation technology to recycle the water. Recently Nanjing first professional building wastewater treatment plant wast established. And in the future, it will serves much wider area for the city. 

Now the main structure and pipes of the plant has been finished. For one year, it's designed capacity is about 1.8 million cubic meters wastewater. There have two small rectangular dumping tanks and one big adjustment tank. The mud will be firstly unloaded into the dumping tank, and then the big solids will be removed by screen. Then flows into the mud adjustment tank, whose volume is around 50,000 m3. In it, two boats are responsible to stir and suck the wastewater. In particular, the mud is firstly settled for 3-5 days, then fully stirred. After that, it will be sucked into the underground balancing tank. Normally the concentration of raw wastewater is only around 10%, till this step, it can increased to about 20%, thus makes following dewatering process much more efficient.  

Then the thick mud will add chemicals, such as, flocculant, coagulator etc., so that catalyze the solid liquid separation and solidification. Finally the flocculated mud will be pumped into plate frame filter presses. One hours later, the cake will be formed with residual moisture lower than 30%. This process is just similar as squeezing "Doufu". In one hand, clean water was recycled; in another hand, the solid cakes can used to fill the pits, or used for brickmaking. So all resources can realize comprehensive utilization. Please contact us for more technical support.   

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