Plate Frame Filter Press Electric Control Cabinet

- Sep 26, 2017-

The electric control cabinet is the control system for the plate frame filter press. It can control every movement: open, close, stop or other additional functions. So a good quality electric control cabinet is very important.

China Filter Press Control System.jpg

Generally, we adopt international famous brand electric elements, such as: Siemens PLC, Delta frequency converter and Schneider air switch etc. Especially for the automatic chamber filter press and automatic membrane filter press. Their cabinet has much higher quality, so it can make sure the filter press running stability. Using international brand, there has another advantages: if it's broken, customer can buy it at local market easily. For the electric control cabinet IP(ingress protection), it requires various grade of water proof and dust proof for different working situations. Generally, our IP grade is IP54. In addition, we can customize the higher level electric control cabinet according to special requirement.

On the other hand, for automatic filter presses, the cabinet might need to control other related products, such as: filter press pump, filter cloth washing pump, air compressor, belt conveyor and son on. Then total power load will over the filter press cabinet power requirement, so we can customize soft start system for you. If you want to more info on filter presses, pls contact now.


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