Plate frame filter press for sand gravel wastewater treatment

- Sep 08, 2018-

China's bullet train is world-renowned recent years. Actually our bulletin train accounts for more than 50% of the world's mileage. Due to the demand for railway construction, sand and gravel also has huge market. And there established many sand and gravel manufacturers everywhere. However, because such plant normally is remote to the downtown, so many enterprises do not establish sewage treatment facilities, and discharge the waste water anywhere, causing pollution. In fact, for this sewage, our plate frame filter press has a unique advantage, and it can completely achieve dry stack.

For sand and gravel processing wastewater, physical methods are mainly used for pretreatment. First, after stone crash, the dust is removed by a shower device. Then sewage flows into the sedimentation tank for pretreatment. This mainly includes flocculation and physical precipitation. 3. Enter the adjustment pool. The supernatant is discharged into the circulation tank, and the thick sludge enters the plate frame filter press for dewatering.

Through the plate frame filter press, the production water can be recycled for production and utilization, and the filtered mud is used as a garden soil or planting soil. The process is optimized by the plate frame filter press and reduces environmental pollution. If you want to buy plate frame filter press pls contact us for price requirement. 

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