Plate Frame Filter Press for Groundnut Oil

- Jun 14, 2018-

Groundnut is one of the fourth most important oil crops.  It contains 45-60% oil in the nut, and has rich vitamin and minerals, and it tastes very appetizing, so it's very popular. The traditional producing is chemical method, but it will damage the nutrient substance, so recent years, peoples pays more attention on the new technology (low temperature filtering). But no matter for the new or traditional technology, our plate frame filter press always is an important tool for oil filtration. 

Oil Plate Frame Filter Press.jpg

Before using plate frame filter press, there have some foregoing treatment. First, the groundnut will be squeezed, and we get the raw oil. Then it will be mixed with some filter aids, which is made of grinder groundnut cakes. Third, the oil will be cooling down by water and will cause crystals. Finally, use our pp plate frame filter press machine to remove the crystals and big impurities. After the first filtration, we also can filter the oil again by our plate frame filter press with thicker filter clothes, so that ensure oil clarification.

Comparing with new technology, the running cost is much lower. And use plate frame filter press can realize perfect filtering performance. Additionally, it's different with chamber filter press, plate frame type filter press can suitable for filter paper to realize ultra-filtration. If you want pp plate frame filter press, pls contact us. 

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