Plate frame filter press for industrial sludge treatment

- Aug 13, 2017-

Recent years, we advocates energy saving and emission reduction. As we know, the plate frame filter press is the good dewatering equipment for the industrial sludge treatment. So how to select the suitable industrial filter press?

Filter Press Effect.jpg

1.Material features and treating requirement.
The wastewater must reach the discharging standard, otherwise it can not allow to discharge. Different filter press types has different filtering performance. And for the same filter press, it will also have different treating effect for the different materials. So we will recommend filter presses according to your material features.



2.The treating cost.
Plate filter press is a dewatering machine with high cost performance. Additionally, because of it’s intermittent operation, it makes the running cost is very low. And because filter press machine has a simple structure, so it’s very easy to maintain, thus it also can save lots of cost in the future running.

Fully our filter press for sludge treatment, it can save the labor, ensure the precision of the operating processes, and get the good treating effect. It doesn’t need manually to discharge filter cake, clean the filter clothes and control the treating cycle. And it’s a development tendency of the sludge treatment.

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