Plate frame filter press for sesame oil

- Aug 06, 2017-

Flate frame filter press is very popular in our common life. Sesame oil, that is extracted from the sesame, and it has special fragrance. For the sesame oil producing technologies, there are mainly two methods: squeezing and extraction. And the both methods all need the filter press to filter.

sesame oil filter press.JPG

For the squeezing method, it will be processed via screening, washing, dry, squeezing, and the second squeezing, filtering etc. Normally, we recommend the oil filter press, because it can realize second squeezing to get more oil, and it has big capacity.

For the water extraction method, the processes basically similar. After that, it will be triturated, stirred, vibrated and precipitated. Finally, it will be filtered by the filter press for food industry to extract the clear and high quality sesame oil.

SINO FILTRATION has various filter presses, and we adopts high quality material and advanced producing technology to get the best filter press performance. If you have any question on filter press machine pls contact us.

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