Plate frame filter press for domestic waste water treatment plant

- Apr 30, 2019-

With the acceleration of urbanization and strict policy of environmental protection, the STP (sewage treatment plant) is particularly important in modern society. At present, at China, large-scale sewage disposal plants mostly adopt biological methods, such as, traditional activated sludge method, A/O processes, A2/O technologies etc... Finally the residual sludge is dewatered by plate frame filter press.

During the treatment, denitrification is mainly achieved by nitrification and denitrification processes. And the nitrifying bacteria are mostly autotrophic bacteria, which have slow proliferation and are sensitive to ambient factors. Once the industrial wastewater enters the urban domestic sewage treatment system, it will cause serious impact on the biological system. Thus the nitrobacteria may be damaged in a large amount. Then it is difficult to recover naturally. And finally will cause the ammonia nitrogen exceeds the required value. In this case, it will need operate as following solutions: (1)add high-efficiency biological strains, (2)input more organic nutrien, (3)chlorination breakpoint. 

For domestic wastewater treatment, if the content of ammonia nitrogen content is higher, normally it because temperature changes or industrial waste water interfusion. Then should pay more attention on it to find the reasons. Then accordingly give solutions. 

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