Plate Frame Filter Press For Water Glass

- Nov 11, 2017-

Water glass is also named sodium silicate. It has wide applications, such as: chemical industry, light industry, mechanical industry and agriculture etc. For the water glass producing process, the plate frame filter press has significant usage.


For the water glass producing method, basically there are two methods: dry method and wet method. For the dry method, it will produce lots of sulfur dioxide (SO2), so it has been eliminated. Now, the wet method is the most popular. Normally it adopts quartz sand and liquid caustic soda to react with the high temperature and high pressure steam. After the filter press machine, the liquid is the final product. And the quartz sand will be filtered and be recycled. Because the quartz sand is easy to be filtered, so normally, the automatic chamber filter press is the most popular filtering equipment.

Our pp filter press adopts bigger cylinder and pure pp filter press plate, so it can bear high pressure to get more final products. If you want to know more info on pp filter presses, pls contact us.

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