Plate frame filter press for sand washing wastewater

- Aug 28, 2017-

Sands, normally are produced by two methods: the original is directly from revers, lakes etc.; another are made by stones. Here our plate frame filter press mainly used for the second method of sand making.

Automatic Filter Press.jpg

While sand making, there will produce a lot of dust, which cause serious air pollution when crush the stones, so it will need water to wash the sands. This is how sand wastewater comes. The wastewater can not directly be discharged before filter press treatment. For the sand washing wastewater, normally the sand washing plant has following tanks for pre-treatment: adjusting tank, precipitating tank and the clean water recovery tank. First, it will be flocculated by the flocculant. After precipitation, then it will be filtered by the recessed filter press to get the clean water. Generally, we recommend the automatic filter press for sand washing plant, because it has higher efficiency.

While filtering, the wastewater will be pumped into filtering chambers by pneumatic diaphragm pump. Then the the solid will be blocked and form filter cake. Our pp filter cloth has features of big streangth and higher solod capture performance, so the filtrate is very clean. If want to buy filter presses from China, pls contact us immediately.

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