Plate Frame Filter Press Screw Pump

- Aug 20, 2017-

The screw pump often work as the filter press pump. It’s used to pump the fluid through the rotating moving of the screw. And the fluid conveying is according to the volume change between the pump body and the screw.

Plate frame filter press pump.jpg

According the screw bar number, the screw pump can be divided into single screw pump, two screw pump and the multi screw pump etc. For plate frame filter press, normally refers to the single screw pump.

And it features of big capacity, stable pressure and flow, high pressure. It’s widely used for wastewater filter press. While the screw pump operating, we should pay attention to some points: 1. Can not for material with big solids. 2. Avoid run it without material. 3.keep the stable exit pressure.If you have any question pls contact us.

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