Plate Frame Filter Press Coth Washing Machine

- Aug 24, 2017-

SINO filter presses are widely used for various indfustries: mining, chemicals, food and beverage, wastewater dewatering etc... For some materials are very easy to be dewatered, however, some are not easy to deal with. Especially for some viscous sludge, it might cause blocks to the filter press clothes. Then what should we do?

Normally customer prefers filter cloth washing system, but this is mainly for the automatic filter presses. For many hydraulic filter presses and manual filter presses, if you want to wash filter press clothes, how to manage this. The solution is cloth washing machine.

Filter Press Cloth Washing Machine.jpg

Pls check the picture above. This is a industrial filter cloth washing machine. The drum is made of SUS304 and also has higher automation design. It’s suitable for various filter press clothes. If you want to know more info on China filter presses, pls contact us.

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