Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump As Filter Press Pump

- Aug 01, 2017-

Pneumatic diaphragm pump normally has two type: mechanical diaphragm pump and the air operated diaphragm pump. The pneumatic diaphragm pump is a membrane pump and driven by the compassed air. For the filter press, it’s a popular filter press pump.

Filter Press Slurry Pump.JPG

The pump mainly includes pump body, valve ball, value seat and the diaphragm etc. And there are many kinds of materials of the pump body, such as: cast iron, aluminum(AL), polypropylene(PP), stainless steel(SS), etc... Additionally the membrane also include many materials, such as: TPFE(TF), santoprene(SP) and fluororubber etc.

Filter Press Sludge Pump.JPG

Normally, the cast iron pump and the aluminum pump is the popular filter press slurry pump. But for the special material, the polypropylene pump body has lighter weight and better corrosion resistance performance, so it has higher price. And it mainly used for chemical industries. The stainless steel pump has the best clearness, so it’s mainly used for foodstuff industry. On the other hand, for the valve ball, valve seat and the diaphragm etc, we can recommend different materials according to different requirements. Additionally, in China, the normal pneumatic diaphragm pump only can bear 0.6 MPa, but our max can endure 0.84MPa.

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