PP chamber filter press used for oily wastewater

- Dec 21, 2018-

Water pollution is complex. Especially the oily wastewater is one of difficulties. Oily wastewater comes from various fields, such as, steel refining, oil exploitation, pesticide and food processing etc., and waste oil mainly exists in following forms: dissolved oil, dispersed oil, emulsifiable oil etc... Oily sewage not only pollute drinking water sources, but also pollute the soil.

The treatment technologies of oily waste water generally include coagulation, flotation, and filtering method. Coagulation is mainly for wastewater contains suspended oil and colloidal oil. After chemical reaction, the waste solids will be flocculated to big and stable particles. Flotation method is mainly used for emulsified oil and very fine oil particles. Regarding the filtration method refers to using filter membrane to separate oil. Normally filtering method works as next-stage of first two methods. 

After the previous oil-water separation, the final sewage will be discharged to the storage tank. Then the sludge is pumped into the pp chamber filter press for dehydration. Finally the dry cakes are transported out. Oily wastewater treatment is a complicated system. We should analyze it's elements and damages individually, and  continuously optimize the disposing technologies. Only in this way, we can do a good job on oily wastewater treatment. .

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