Why PP filter press close slowly?

- Apr 08, 2018-

As we know pp filter presses have very good solid-liquid separation effect, wider application and bigger superiority. It's close speed mainly depend on the hydraulic motor and hydraulic oil pump. But, after year's running, the pp filter press will also close slowly, thus it will have an negative impact on working efficiency. Why filter plate closes slowly?

The phenomenon might be caused by overmuch oil stain and blot of piston rod, and here is a great friction among piston rod and contact part of the filter plates. When this happens, the cylinder and oil circuit of pp filter press will work abnormally and it's time to clean the impurities. On the other hand, It's better to wipe lubricant oil on the contact parts, say, rollers, piston rod etc... 

Besides above, it's very necessary to check the hydraulic valves (oil channels). If the oil channels are blocked, which will influence closing pressure and speed. So the operator should make sure the oil channels of pp filter press are available and smooth. If the hydraulic valves are not smooth, you can dismount them and wash them using clean gasoline. If you has any confusing on pp filter press, please contact SINO FILTRATION right now.   

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