Why plates of pp filter press moves slowly or even drop?

- Jan 06, 2018-

With the technology develops, the pp filter press normally adopts automatic discharging, so that can improve the working efficiency and save labor cost. However, some automatic filter press, while discharging, the filter press plate moves slowly or even drop down? Why cause such problems?

Automatic filter press.jpg

In the part, the pp filter press might has lower discharging efficiency. Especially after long time use, the track on the beam might has oil stain, then just clean it will regenerate the working efficiency. Our automatic filter press use advanced plate shifter, which is driven by variable frequency motor and the speed is adjustable. Additionally, it has lower noise. On the other hand, the new pp filter press, also might found such situation, it’s might caused by the cylinder. There has gas in the cylinder. So before the operation of the automatic filter press, pls discharge the gas first while filling the hydraulic oil.

Some customer said they bought pp filter press from other manufacturers, but their filter press plates some time might drop down from the beams. This is mainly because of poor technologies. For automatic filter press, the filter press plates are pulled by plate shifter, which is controlled by PLC. Normally the program is no problem and the track on the beams also ok, so it might because the shifters on the both side can not work synchronously. Additionally, pls check the synchronous shaft is in good condition.

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