PP Filter press for acid pickling wastewater

- Jan 14, 2018-

Acid pickling is to remove the steel rust using hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid etc. While the processing, there will cause lots of waste water. Acid pickling wastewater mainly comes from steel plant and electroplate factory. Because contains acid, so the ph value normally under 1.5, so it has very strong corrosion. For wastewater treatment normally use pp filter press

acid pickling PP filter press.jpg

For acid picking, H2SO4 is most popular. To dispose the wastewater, normally "neutralization aeration flocculation process" is most widely used, because of cost saving and simple technology. Additionally because the wastewater normally contains 10% acid, so normally pp filter press is adopted, because pp filter press plate can endure strong corrosion. 

After processed by our pp filter press, the final wastewater can be recycled. The ph value of filtrate can be around 6.8-7, and the water is very clean, so can perfectly meet the Chinese discharging standard. The most important, after the pp filter press, the final cake can realize dry stack, and the residual cake moisture is around 65-70%. If use our automatic membrane filter press, the filtering performance is much better. Pls contact us to optimize the acid picking wastewater treatment technology. 

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