How to maintain pp filter press after holidays?

- Feb 26, 2018-

After long holidays of Chinese New Year, when we back to work, what maintenance should we do for pp filter press? Here we'd like share some filter press maintenance knowledge and hope it's useful for your pp filter press operation. Detail speaking, it mainly include following steps.

  1. Common examination of pp filter press. Please check the power circuit whether it has any damage; The hydraulic oil is enough and clean; the valve or meter is on right position etc...

  2. Pls check the plates of pp filter press. It not only ensure enough quantity can meet the required number, but also should carefully examine the plate situations, for example: is there has heavy sediment, plate surface is smooth, technical holes are clear, and so on.

  3. Please check filter clothes on the pp filter press. As we know filter cloth is the key part of a filter press machine, so it's very necessary to pay more attention. While checking the pp filter press clothes, must ensure they are at good condition. For some materials, such as: lime, if long time do not use pp filter press, the fabrics will become very hard. So for such situation, we suggest immerse filter fabric into clean water to make it soft. Of course, if possible, you can neutralize them.

  4. Please check the moving parts on pp filter press, such as: chains, plate shifters, bearing, etc., so that ensure all can work smoothly. If not, pls lubricate them.

In fact, for filter press maintenance, it's not just limited on filter press itself, but also include related equipment, such as: drip tray, belt conveyor, feed pump, wash pump, air compressor etc... If long time do not use pp filter press, we must examine carefully before filter press operation. If you want to buy China pp filter press, pls contact us. 

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