Why pp filter press spray materials?

- Mar 12, 2018-

While pp filter press operating, if material sprays, it will cause serious problems. Spraying will influence the filter press working process. Why? Because this will damage filter cloth and filter plate, or even hurt operator. That will increase running cost greatly. Why filter press sprays and how to solve it?

First, feeding pressure is too high. Once the pp filter press spray, it mainly because of feeding pressure. Some customers don't install pressure gauge, thus will lead to pressure out of control. Normally filter press manufacturer strictly ask the customer install the pipes according to their pipeline requirement, and must has magnetic pressure gauge and return valve on the inlet pipe to abserve the feeding pressure. 

Second, the closing pressure of pp filter press is not enough. If closing pressure is smaller than feeding pressure, it will lead to spraying. Then you can consider to increase the hydraulic squeezing pressure. If your filter press is manual jack filter press or mechanical filter press, now you can consider hydraulic filter press to get a better sealing performance.

Third, the sealing surface of filter plate or filter cloth have solid impurities on it. Then there will has gaps. So you'd better clean the sealing face after of the pp filter press. Finally , the edge of filter press plate is damaged and has grooves. This situation happens, normally because of misoperation or bump. We suggest replace the filter plates. 

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