How to improve performance of pp filter press

- Mar 25, 2018-

With the development of era, the market have more and more pp filter presses. But some customers still can not correctly operate filter press to get best dewatering performance. The operator's proficiency is an important factor. Here, we are glad sharing some points to make you professional.

Firstly, keep reasonable feeding pressure. The feeding pressure is the main driving force of the pp filter press. The higher feeding pressure, the faster filtration rate. But the over-high pressure can easily cause spraying, which influence cakes formation. If the pressure is low, it will reduce filter press's working efficiency. So the filtration pressure must keep at the required feeding pressure to ensure filter presses working efficiency.

Secondly, keep reasonable feeding concentration. Generally speaking, the higher solid content, the better working efficiency. If feeding material have higher solid percentage, it will shorten the filtering cycle of the pp filter press. High solid percentage not only can save pp filter press price and  but also can get lowest cakes moisture. If the concentration is lower, it will be not easy to form cakes. So, for such situation, it's better to add flocculant to thicken the materials, especially for the wastewater. If feeding material concentration is too big, it will affect the flowability and might cause filter chamber block, thus also will cause lower efficiency. So reasonable feeding concentration is very necessary for a filter press. More info want to know pls contact us.

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