PP Filter press for steel wastewater

- May 06, 2018-

In recent years, steel industry has great progress, and the steel production technology improve obviously. However, steel industry stilled regarded as high power consumption and high pollution industry. For the wastewater, normally it is alkaline and viscous. Before discharging, it needs to be disposed by our pp filter press to reduce pollution. 

In steel industry, waste water normally comes from revolving furnace, continuous casting, rolling, acid pickling and so on. In the steel wastewater, it mainly contents oil, acid, alkali and heavy metals. Now it’s most popular to use our pp filter press for steel sludge dewatering. Our filter press can efficienctly remove suspended particles, heavy metals and dregs. And our hydraulic pp filter press can change waste water into clean useful water. But for this industry, it has higher requirements on our pp filter press structure for anti-corrosion.

Our filter press at last will be painted 3 layer to keep off corrosion. Besides, it can realized fully automatic discharging. According to various demand, our pp filter press can equipped with bomb door and belt conveyor to get best filtering performance. If you dispose steel wastewater by filter presses, please contact us right now.

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