How to know pp filter press finished filtration process?

- May 14, 2018-

PP filter press, as we know, has wider application for dewatering than other filtration equipment. It's not only used for wastewater treatment, but also for chemicals, mining, pharmacy, food, ceramics etc... So filter presses plays an important role for solid liquid separation. Because it has cheaper cost and good performance, it's becoming more and more popular. Some customer regard it's magic and wonder how to judge the filtration is finished? 

In fact, this is a very interesting question. Normally, for pp filter press, we regard it has completed the filtering process when there is no liquid discharging. But this is the simplest method, and only suitable for small filter presses, such as manual hydraulic filter press, hydraulic chamber membrane filter press etc... In fact, the methods are more than that. For example, for automatic pp filter press, the customer want to save labor cost, and do not like some operator working at site. Then how to solve the problem? One of the popular method is via pressure meter. When the inlet pipe of the pp filter press arrived the set valve, it will give a signal to PLC, then the plc will drive the hydraulic station to open plate pack for cake discharging. 

The above situation are just the very simple principle to judge when the pp filter press finished the working. Actually, for different materials, it will has different method to make judgement on whether the filter cakes formed or not. If you want to know more on this, pls contact us immediately. 

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