PP filter press turns municipal waste water into treasure

- Dec 10, 2018-

Sewage treatment is an important part for ecological environment construction and protection, and it is related to a city's development and people's livelihood. In recent years, China actively built a circular economic industrial chain in every cites. This chain contains wastewater recycling, sludge treatment, incineration power generation, and solid waste utilization.

The project can effectively solve the sludge generated by the municipal sewage treatment to avoid secondary pollution caused by landfill. It not only meets the requirements for the reduction of solid waste disposal, but also serves as a useful attempt to explore the development of circular economy. In addition to sludge dewatering treatment by pp filter press, it might also use the 'solar greenhouse' technology to ensure the final cake moisture is under 40%. Finally the dried sludge can be used as fuel or fertilizer to achieve efficient and resourceful utilization.

Under this technology, the sludge produced by ETP is sent to the dewatering center, and then will be delivered to the waste incineration plant for waste incineration or power generation. This can realize the integrated treatment and recycling of solid waste. Currently, daily capacity is about 150 tons. The most important, the sewage treatment rate can be higher as 97%.

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