PP filter press and round filter press for ceramics

- Jan 08, 2018-

PP filter press is widely used for ceramic industry. Round filter press is mainly used for ceramic products, but pp filter press is popular for ceramic wastewater. With the development of urbanization, the building industry is increasing rapidly, thus the demand for ceramic is also develops sharply. Recent years, hundreds of ceramic manufacturers are established in China. However, while ceramic producing, it will produce huge quantity of wastewater. This type wastewater, contains lots of suspended solids, which will cause serious problems to our environment, so we must dispose it by our pp filter press, then discharge.   

Round Filter Press.jpg

While ceramic producing, the clay is normally processed by ball mill to very fine particles. Then it will be dewatered by round filter press. Because the solids are very fine, so it’s very easy to block the filter press cloth. So it need much higher filtering pressure, that’s why round filter press was adopted for ceramics products. Because the ceramic mud is valuable, to avoid lost, so the manufacturer will collect the wastewater to get more solids, then pp filter press is best chose. Additionally, because the fine solids are suspended, so it will cause high turbidity. If processed by the pp filter press, it’s not only good for ceramic manufacturer, but also good for the environment protection. If you want to buy pp filter press or round filter press pls contact us.

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