PP filter press for beer

- Aug 17, 2018-

Beer is known as liquid “bread” because it is rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and so on. And now it’s widely liked by peoples. However, the beer’s quality directly related with our pp filter press. For beer filter press, there will mainly depend on two types pp filter press, one is chamber membrane filter press, one is plate frame filter press. The both has different functions. 

The following is the process of brewing beer, and our pp filter press plays an important role in part 3, part 5 and part 7. (1) Crush. After soak, the barley malt will be pulverized. It mainly include dry pulverization, humidification pulverization, and wet pulverization. (2) Saccharification. The malt dry matter is leached by adding saccharification water, and decomposed by the action of the enzyme.(3) Filtration. After saccharification, the mash will be dewatered as soon as possible, namely filtration. The solid part is called "wheat grain", which is one of the main by-products of the brewery; the liquid part is wort, which is the substrate for brewing beer. Our pp filter press is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of mash. Particularly here will use chamber membrane filter press. (4) Boiling. Boil the wort and add some hops. (5)Cooling and solidification separation. The boiled wort is cooled to the environmental temperature, and the solidification is separated by another pp filter press. (5)Oxygenation and fermentation. (6)Fine filtration. The fine filtration of beer is to use our plate and frame filter press to make the beer pass through the filter media under physical pressure. The tiny particles in the beer are blocked, and the filtered beer is clear and shiny. If you need a China pp filter press, pls contact us.

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