PP Filter press for fine chemicals

- Nov 06, 2017-

Now, the fine chemical industry is the important part of the chemical industries, and it’s closely relate with the national economy and our daily life. It’s the important basis to measure industrial level for a country. For the fine chemical industry, filtration is one of the necessary steps. While filtering, our pp filter press plays key roles.

China Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

The fine chemicals industries include many fields: coating, fertilizer, dye & pigment etc... For the filter press types, we have plate frame filter press, chamber filter press and membrane filter press. For chemical industry, normally the material has strong chemical natures: acid, alkali, flammable, toxic etc... As a filter press manufacturer, we can recommend suitable filter press to meet your individual needs.

If you want to produce chemicals, or want to expand your chemical capacity, pls contact us. We will give you more suggestions on filter press applications in your industry and we will quote you best filter press price.

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