What pp filter press is more suitable for food industry?

- Jul 15, 2018-

In the food industry, pp filter presses are also popularly adopted. We know, there are many types of pp filter press machine. Which is the best filter press for foodsluff? Plate frame filter press? Chamber filter press? Or membrane filter press?


Plate frame filter press has the longest history and famous for it's plate & frame structure and ultra-filtration. Because the pp filter press plate is flat, so it can use for final clarification, such as, the beer. Or suitable for the situation, where need coating of filter aids. For such material, the plate frame filter press is the best choice. 

Chamber filter press is also the most popular and accounts for the big market in food foodstuff (starch, edible oil, juice ect.). However, for SINO filter press, here we strongly suggest use high pressure filter presses, whose plates are made by pure pp, thus can ensure food safety and can be long-lived, and can save lots future maintenance cost. 

Of course, we know, food mostly is organic, so there might some solids are very viscose. For this type foodstuff, chamber membrane filter press is first consideration. Compared with plate frame filter press and chamber filter press. Membrane squeezing function can greatly short the filtering efficiency and can sharply improve the filtering result. 

In fact, the pp filter press type is mainly depended on the material. It's not simply make a judgment on which pp filter presses are good or bad. Only the right filter press is suitable the individual demand. If you want to buy pp filter press for food grade, pls contact us to get more technical support. 

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