PP Filter Press For Graphite Mining

- Oct 21, 2017-

The chemical element of graphite is carbon. The graphite is a mineral solid, which is ironish black, and has metallic lustre. Generally, the natural graphite contains impurities of 10%-20%, so it must be processed. While processing,  it needs ball mill, thickener and plate filter press etc... And the filter press machine is used for dewatering.  

The main processing steps include breaking, grinding, flotation and dewatering. The raw mining is broken and grinded to fine particles. Then they will be processed by the flotation. After flotation, it will be pumped into the thickener to concentrate, then it will be dewatered by the pp filter press. For the graphite dewatering, the pp filter press has good effect. After that, it just needs to be dried by the dryer, then screened to became the final graphite.

SINO filter press manufactures various pp filter press types: chamber filter press, membrane flter press etc... With professional knowledge, we can give you a comprehensive solution. Pls contact us now for filter press price.  

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