pp filter press for industrial waste water

- May 13, 2019-

For some old traditional industries, such as steel mills and metallurgical factories, once they achieved the glory of local cities, but now they become the "roadblock" of ecological protection. To promote high-quality economic development, we must promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, so that make the real economies stronger and better. Thus it must correctly handle the relationship between the economy development with the protection of the ecology, then promote the organic integration of production, environment, economy and social benefits.

In China, the steel mill is accelerating its transformation into "green steel". Many equipment are upgraded, such as sintering machines. In addition, the dust removal systems are built to achieve the complete flue gas desulfurization. In general, steel mills have related coking plants. With the implementation of the environmental protection policy, the open coal yard is fully covered. Thus it not only reduces the loss of pulverized coal, but also greatly reduces the discharge of coal wastewater. For FGD wastewater and coal waste water, the dewatering treatment is carried out by PP filter presses, which not only recycle resources, but also improves economic benefits.

Now, China adopts "production civilization" to promote "ecological civilization". The concept of "green development" brings new vitality. A series of government innovations have solidified the reform results and become the driving force for the sustainable development of the economy and society.

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