How to maintain the pp filter press plate?

- Mar 05, 2018-

For pp filter press, filter press plates has the function to support filtering medium. And it's one of the consumable parts for a pp filter press, so it's careful to maintain the pp filter plate. Normally the filter press manufacturer explain the plate broken is because of long time usage (pp maturing). In fact, the filter press plate quality is not good. For our chamber pp filter press plates, it not only can endure higher pressure but also can serve years. For normal pp filter plate, suitable maintenance is very necessary. How?

China PP filter press plate.jpg

1.Inlet material. If the inlet material is thick or there has lots residual dry solids on the filter press plate, it will cause holes block, then will damage the pp filter plate, so pls clean the residual sludge in time. 2.Pressure. Once the feed pressure arrived required pressure, pls open return valve or check the outlet. 3.If the pp filter plate has broken edge, pls weld it. 

Above are some basic pp filter plate maintenance for your reference. But if you want best quality filter press plates, pls contact us. Our filter press plate plant has professional producing machines for various pp filter plate, such as: hydraulic press machine, CNC milling machine, heat welding machine etc, so that ensure best quality.   

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