Handles of PP Filter Press Plate

- Mar 19, 2018-

For side beam pp filter presses, all filter press plates need handles and the handles are directly affects the filter press working efficiency. There are many types of filter presses and filter plates sizes. For different types will need different handles. The handles of manual discharging filter press is different with automatic filter presses; the handles for small plate also different with big ones. It looks like a small issue, but contents lots of filter press technologies. Generally it's decided by following points.

First, customer's preference. For same model, it may use different handles. According to customer actual demands, some prefer manual discharging and some like automatic discharging, thus will cause different. Second, filter press types. For different filter press types, the handles are also different. For example, for plate & frame type filter press, all handles belongs to manual handles. Third, flexible function. If customer want more functions, such as, fast open device, plate shaker etc., then the handle will be speciallly designed. Forth, the weight of pp filter press plate. For small pp filter press, say, 320 series, the pp filter plate is very light, so all are manual handles. For 1500, 2000 series, each plate is over 100 kg, so only can consider automatic handles. Fifth, beam. For different filter presses, the beams will be different according to the plate size and filtering pressure, thus it will need different handles to meet beam demand, so that keep plate weight balance on it. 

Generally, according to the cake discharging method, the filter plate handles include two types: manual handles, automatic handles. According whether it contain rollers, it include: roller handles and none-roller handles. Of course, there are also some other classification, such as, integrated handles, sliding block handles and so on. For different pp filter press plate manufacturers, they will adopts different handles. More info want to know pls contact us. 

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