PP filter press plate

- Jun 16, 2018-

For pp filter presses, filter press plates are the most important part, because it's not only used to fixed the filter fabrics, but also used to endure the filtering pressure. Higher quality pp filter press, their filter press plate quality will be much better. For example, for normal pp chamber filter press machine, the filtering pressure is only 6 bar, however, for our chamber filter plate, it can endure 10 to 12 bar. And our chamber filter press plates can use for years. But if you has exacting pp filter press, and want to buy filter press plate to replace old ones, pls be careful on the plate specifications. If the data not match our standard, it will be useless.

Why?Because of the filter press plate mould. You might think pp filter plate is very easy to be manufactured, in fact, it's more than that. Filter plates of a pp filter press are pressed by the hydraulic press machine. After the pp particles are fused under high temperature, it will be put into a steel mould, then squeezed and formed by huge hydraulic pressure. Pls check the following picture of the chamber filter press plate producing. 

China Filter Press Plate Manufacturer.jpg

Here are some customers want to buy some plate, which is not standard. Although SINO filter press plate has good quality, but can not sell to you. Because for small quantity it ever can not afford the filter press plate mould cost. Of course, if you has very huge quantity, say, more than 600 pcs, pls contact us for customization. Or directly consider our pp filter presses. If want to buy filter plates, pls contact us with your plate drawing, so that see what we can do further for you.  

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