PP Filter Press Plate Maintenance

- Dec 31, 2017-

For filter press, we know, the filter press plate is one of the most important part, so we should pay much more attention to keep it in good condition. Especially for the pp filter press, because the filter press plate is pp materials, which is much more easier to be broken than cast iron filter plate and stainless steel filter plate. Here we analysis some normal problems and give some suggestiones for filter press operation.

Filter Press Plate Broken.jpg

Common problem and reasons of filter press plate broken: (a.)the inlet of the filter press plate is blocked, thus will cause bias pressure to break the filter plate. (b.)the material pumped is not enough. (c.)the outlet on the filter press plate are blocking and the return valve does not open in time. (d.)the filter press plate did not clean in time, and there are lots of solids deposit on the plate surface. The above points might cause plates of pp filter press directly broken. Additionally, for pp filter press, if there are some small gap on the plate edge, it will cause material ejection and might can not form filter cakes.

For above problem, here we suggest: (a.)clean the filter press plate, specially the drainage points, inlet and outlet. (b.)wash the filter press cloth, if the solid is viscous, pls use the scraper. (c.)While closing the pp filter press, pls keep the filter press cloth is flat and no wrinkles. (d.)Pls control the pump pressure and valves to ensure the filtering pressure is under the filter press designing requirement.If possible, when buy the pp filter press, pls chose high pressure filter press, so that can has better filtering performance and longer filter press plate life-span.

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