PP plate filter press for urban sludge dewatering

- Nov 07, 2018-

Last month, China's 5th Urban Sludge Deep Dewatering, Closed Low Temperature Drying Technology Equipment Forum was held. Till 2017, China's urbanization rate has reached about 60%, so urban sludge has been as one of problem to our life. What is municipal sludge? It refers to the sludge produced from municipal facilities. According to the source, it can be divided into sewage sludge, water works sludge, drainage pipeline sludge, dredged sludge and construction mud etc.. Because various of sources, their nature will be greatly different, thus decides the technical solutions will be complicated.

In recent years, China's urban sewage treatment plant has adopts pp plate filter press and closed-type low-temperature drying technology. The technology now is mature and can meet the industrial demand. Additionally it has became an important guarantee for the subsequent sludge treatment. Through this seminar, the technology will effectively promote Chinese urban sludge treatment method, and make greater contributions to Green China.

SINO FILTRATION has always focused on the sludge dewatering. In the course of development, we constantly improve ourself, so that we can continuously create maximum value for our customers.

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