Principle of hydraulic filter press

- Dec 18, 2017-

Today we talked more details on the principle of hydraulic filter press. The filter plates are squeezed by hydraulic station. Then the filter press pump will pump materials or slurry into filtering chambers from tail plate. Because the chambers are sealed, so the liquid only can pass through the filter clothes to be discharged. But the solid will deposit to form cakes. When the chambers are full of solids, the plates will be opened to finish the whole process.

filter press producing.jpg

Our filter press machine has big capacity, reasonable structure design, widely application, easy maintenance, high automation. Additionally, our pp filter press can save lots of cost, and has best filtering result, so it’s very popular for many fields. Basically, the whole filtering process include following three parts.

Closing. The hydraulic motor drive hydraulic oil pump to transfer the oil to cylinder. With the oil pressure, the piston will move forward. When the head plate close the pp filter plates, the hydraulic pressure will increase to set value and stop automatically.

Filtering. The filter press feeding pump transfer the slurry into every chamber, before the chamber is full, the liquid will flow out under the gravity. When the chambers are full, the liquid is squeezed by pump pressure.

Discharging. When there was no liquid discharge, that means the filtering process finished, then the hydraulic station will withdraw the head plate. Next, the plate shifter will work to pull filter plates one by one, and the cakes are discharged.

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