program control automatic filter press

- Nov 29, 2017-

The purpose of filter press is to realize solid liquid separation, sludge dewatering or filtration, so it has very wide applications in many industries: chemicals, starch, metallurgy, sludge dewatering etc... Traditionally, it was controlled by replays, thus it was very complicated, and the maintenance is very high. With the technology develops, the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is widely used on plate frame filter presses.

1.Automatic Filter Press.jpg

Now PLC is the popular technology for automation. Because of it’s advantages, it makes filter press functions and operation higher efficiency. PLC develops on the base of computer, automation and communication. For our filter press machine, we use Siemens PLC and it has following advantages: compact design, powerful function, easy program, easy maintenance and stable working. The most important, it adopts MD ( modular design), that means it can easily expand the filter press related functions, such as, filter press pump, drip tray, filter cloth washing system, valves, etc...

With the PLC control, our automatic filter press can realize comprehensive management of all actions. As China filter press factory, we normally use two PLC model: S7-200 and S7-1200. If you want more processional filter press knoledge, pls contact us.  

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